Virginia state Senator seeks dismissal of lawsuit over ‘baseless’ residency allegations

A Virginia state Senator asked a court Wednesday to dismiss a lawsuit that challenges her qualification to hold office over what her attorneys called “baseless” allegations that she did not meet the state’s residency requirements.

Democrat Ghazala Hashmi has served in the state Senate since 2020 and handily won reelection in a suburban Richmond district earlier this month. She said in a motion and accompanying affidavit that she moved earlier this year from the family home where her husband resides into an apartment in order to reside in the newly redrawn 15th District where she ran, satisfying the requirement that candidates live in their district.

Contrary to the claims of the lawsuit, which alleged she had not “abandoned” her family home outside the district, Hashmi said the apartment she leased in February quickly became “the center of her personal and professional life.”

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