Tennessee Senate GOP nominates Randy McNally for new speaker term

Tennessee Senate Republicans have nominated Speaker Randy McNally to serve another two-year term in the top leadership role in the chamber.

The Senate Republican Caucus voted Tuesday to keep McNally in the Speaker position. The Senate Speaker also serves as Lieutenant Governor in Tennessee.

The speaker nomination still requires a full vote early next year in the Senate, where Republicans have a supermajority.

McNally first became speaker in 2017. The 78-year-old from Oak Ridge has been a Tennessee state lawmaker since the late 1970s.

Senate Republicans also elected other lawmakers into leadership roles Tuesday. Among them, Jack Johnson of Franklin will remain majority leader, and Ken Yager of Kingston will stay in the caucus chairman role.

Senate Republicans hold a 27-6 majority heading into a Legislative Session that begins in January.

Republicans also have a supermajority in the House, where Speaker Cameron Sexton is expected to be reelected to the top leadership post.


Republished with permission from The Associated Press.

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