Tennessee House eases public view of proposed amendments

The Tennessee House is offering the public use of an online platform that makes it easier to read proposed amendments to bills.

Republican House Speaker Cameron Sexton announced Wednesday that the TGA House Dashboard application offers the public the same real-time view of proposed and approved amendments that lawmakers have. The system also includes calendars, legislation and video of proceedings.

The House has previously posted packets of proposed amendments for committees and subcommittees online.

Amendments can completely rewrite bills early in the process, complicating the public’s efforts to follow along.

People can register and use the dashboard at https://wapp.capitol.tn.gov/apps/Dashboard/Login.

“Tennesseans want transparency in our processes, and they deserve to know more about the legislation that we are proposing and attempting to pass in the House,” Sexton said.

The move echoes a recommendation by the Americans for Prosperity of Tennessee about making all amendments publicly available before lawmakers vote on them.

“Adding transparency to the process is a great way to kick off the legislature’s business,” said Americans for Prosperity of Tennessee state director Tori Venable. “Hundreds of grassroots leaders have taken action across our state calling for more transparency.”

The Senate, meanwhile, has generally posted proposed committee and subcommittee amendments in packets online in its public schedule section.


Republished with permission from The Associated Press.

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