Super PAC ad attacks Wiley Nickel for representing ‘the worst in society’ in latest CD 13 hit

The Congressional Leadership Fund, a Super PAC dedicated to helping elect Republicans to the U.S. House of Representatives, is out with a new ad in North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District.

The ad, according to POLITIO, attacks Democratic candidate Wiley Nickel over his law firm’s client list.

“Wiley Nickel will represent the worst in society — don’t let him add you to the list,” a narrator says in the spot, filmed to look like a cut rate, low budget legal advertisement.

Nickel’s Nickel & Granados is a criminal defense firm, provides legal defense for clients on a variety of issues including drug offenses, driving while intoxicated, misdemeanors, felonies, traffic violations, federal offenses, domestic abuse and sex crimes, among others.

It’s not the first time an ad has used this line of attack. In an ad that ran last month, the National Republican Congressional Committee attacked Nickel, saying he would “take just about any client as long as you have the cash.

CBS 17 fact checked the claim and found that, on areas of the law firm’s website for sex crime defense, all of the sections — rape, child pornography, statutory sex, statutory rape and removal from the sex offender registry — instructed prospective clients to Nickel’s partner at the firm.

The section for domestic violence does not specify an attorney to reach, CBS 17 found. They explained that Nickel founded the firm in 2011 to focus on criminal an traffic offenses and expunging criminal records. That information came from a press release announcing Lindsey Granados as partner in 2020 and expanding the firm’s defenses to high-level felonies including sex offenses, domestic violence and removal from the sex offender registry.

Nickel faces Republican Bo Hines in the November General Election, which is expected to be a close race

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