South Park writer Toby Morton launches Herschel Walker parody website, ‘Beyond Dumb’

Comedy writer Toby Morton, who has written for iconic shows South Park and MADtv, purchased a Herschel Walker domain name to mock the Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Georgia. 

The website, under the domain, shows a mock documentary cover showing Walker with a handful of red MAGA hats next to all caps text reading “Beyond Dumb,” with the subhead “The Herschel Walker Story” under it. 

The top of the image shows three gold leaf award banners: “47 children, 16 abortions;” “GQP groomed,” the ‘o’ in GOP replaced with a ‘q’ to symbolize the QANON conspiracy movement; and “not one complete sentence.” 

Below the image is a Walker quote: “I think there’s no doubt: Crime is very, very important. This economy is tough, because they’ve got to buy groceries,” a gaffe often mocked in critical media. 

Walker is facing incumbent Democratic U.S. Sen. Raphael Warnock in a Dec. 6 runoff in Georgia, triggered after neither candidate managed to surpass 50% of the vote in the November Midterm. 

Walker, who often speaks in broken sentences and simple language, is often mocked for his perceived unintelligence, including in Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update this weekend in which the show called out Walker for saying at a rally that America is “the greatest country in the United States.” Video of the gaffe went viral, but often cuts off Walker’s realization that America is the United States by adding, “in the world.”

The spoof Walker website is still under construction, as of 8 a.m. Monday, with placeholder text “coming soon” under sections for “about Herschel,” “the dumbest pawn,” and “lies.”

This isn’t the first time Morton has created mock candidate or elected official websites. The self-described “creator & writer of GOP sycophant websites” has also created pages for Florida U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, Florida U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz, New York U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Georgia Gov. Greg Abbott, Arizona gubernatorial candidate Keri Lake, whose tight race still has not been called, and others. 

The Walker page, as others, calls for donations, with half the proceeds to benefit Planned Parenthood. The Gaetz site re-directs to an Act Blue fundraising page for the Gen-Z for Choice Abortion Fund.

Morton’s use of parody websites to fund abortion access causes is particularly relevant in Walker’s race, after he continues to face criticism as an anti-abortion Republican accused of paying for two ex-girlfriends to obtain abortions. 

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