Roger Wicker tops $3.5M on hand for U.S. Senate re-election bid

U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker raised more than $1.1 million for his re-election campaign in the first three months of 2023, new FEC filings show.

Wicker, a Republican, is running for his fourth term representing the Magnolia State in the Senate. He previously served six terms representing North Mississippi in the U.S. House.

Campaign filings show Wicker raised a total of $1.11 million between Jan. 1 and March 31, with $612,592 of the total coming from individuals.

That section of the report listed 72 contributions for $3,300, which is the maximum contribution that federal campaigns may accept from individuals.

Under campaign finance rules, the cap applies to Primary and General Elections separately, meaning if a candidate appears on a primary ballot, they may accept a total of $6,600 from each distinct donor.

Though no Republican has filed to run against Wicker, 30 individuals have chipped in $6,600 to date.

Wicker tallied another $505,350 from political action committees, which do not face the same contribution limits.

The itemized PAC contributions listed a $5,000 check from the Let’s Get To Work PAC, which is tied to U.S. Sen. Rick Scott.

The Florida Republican notably chaired the National Republican Senatorial Committee last cycle, when the GOP was unable to regain the majority in the upper chamber despite a map and political climate that favored Republicans.

Let’s Get To Work PAC was one of 65 political committees to chip in $5,000 in Q1.

Wicker’s campaign shelled out $229,035 in Q1. Top expenditures included a $16,925 payment to Bradley Patrick Group for fundraising consulting, an $11,828 payment to SHQ for fundraising expenses and a $10,111 payment to Tag LLC for digital media consulting.

All told, Wicker has raised about $3.38 million for his campaign since Election Day 2018, when he cruised to a third term with 57% of the vote. He entered April with $3.46 million on hand.

Wicker is facing a challenge from Democrat Ty Pickens, who has reported raising just $150 since entering the race in December.

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