Right on Crime expands in Virginia, North Carolina

A national conservative criminal justice reform organization is adding a full-time presence in Virginia and North Carolina.

Right On Crime is adding state directors in both states to advocate for evidenced-based solutions to critical issues surrounding crime, recidivism, victims’ rights and safer, stronger communities. 

“Expanding our Right On Crime campaign and sharing our data-driven solutions ensures principled, conservative voices remain engaged in criminal justice reform with support by a broad policy coalition in today’s polarized political environment,” said Right on Crime Executive Director Brett Tolman. “Our new state directors, Danny Murphy and Maggie Horzempa, exemplify the values of Right On Crime with a focus on public safety consistent with limited government and a belief in redemption.”

Murphy will manage the group’s operation in Virginia and West Virginia. He is an experienced criminal litigator and former assistant U.S. attorney for the Western District of Virginia where he prosecuted cases involving fraud, child exploitation and drug and weapons trafficking. He formerly served 20 years in the U.S. army, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel with recognition as the top trial attorney in the armed forces branch. 

“Having spent most of my career as a criminal prosecutor, I strongly believe that the goals of our criminal justice system in preventing crime, protecting our citizens’ safety and liberty, holding offenders responsible for their crimes, and supporting victims are not mutually exclusive from the equally important goals of compassionate rehabilitation of non-violent offenders and our efforts to prepare criminal offenders to return to society as contributing, law-abiding citizens,” Murphy said.

Horzempa will lead the group’s North Carolina operation. She comes to Right on Crime as a seasoned fundraiser for political campaigns and non-profit organizations. She is active in the University of North Carolina’s conservative community, where she conducts ethics research with the UNC Parr Center for Ethics. Horzempa graduated from UNC at Chapel Hill. She also serves as the development manager for Right on Crime. 

“I am looking forward to working with the national network and resources of Right On Crime to further common-sense conservative criminal justice reform in the state of North Carolina,” Horzempa said. “It is possible to reduce crime, hold offenders accountable and protect victims all while being effective stewards of tax-payer dollars. Now, more than ever, we need to preserve public safety and hold our justice system accountable.”

Right on Crime was established in 2007 in Texas. Since then, it has expanded full-time operations to 12 states and within the federal government. The group is known for its employer reentry forums and initiatives, including the Correctional Leadership Network and Prosecutorial Innovation in America. They are considered a leading resource for conservative justice innovation. 

The organization is a national initiative of the Texas Public Policy Foundation. In addition to reducing crime, restoring victims’ rights and reforming offenders, the group also focuses on lowing taxpayer costs.

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