Republican Accountability Project launches anti-Donald Trump ads in Georgia, other battlegrounds

The Republican Accountability Project is dropping a six-figure ad buy to run on Fox News stations in Atlanta, Milwaukee and Phoenix targeting former President Donald Trump as he faces a criminal indictment in Georgia.

The 60-second ad opens with footage of Trump in various situations and meetings as a narrator notes how, to Trump, “it didn’t matter how many laws and norms he broke.”


“He thought it didn’t matter how many lies he told the American people and it seemed like he could get away with anything. And many of us even started saying ‘nothing matters,’” the narrator says.

The ad then goes on to show several newscasters and pundits lamenting how it didn’t matter what Trump did before shifting back to the narrator.

“But this wasn’t true, because in America the rule of law still matters and that’s why Donald Trump has been charged with 91 felonies in four separate cases for attempting to steal an election, falsifying business records and mishandling classified information,” the narrator continues.

Trump faces two federal indictments — one stemming from his mishandling of confidential records and another for his involvement in the Jan. 6 Capitol riots — as well as one in New York related to hush money payments to an adult film star and the one in Georgia over election interference.

“We’ve seen what happens when people start believing nothing matters. That’s why it doesn’t matter that Donald Trump was President of the United States. It doesn’t matter that he is currently running for the presidency. This is America. No one is above the law. That’s why it matters that Donald Trump faces consequences for his actions,” the ad continues.

In addition to the Fox News spot, The Republican Accountability Project is also putting up a billboard in Times Square. It features Trump’s mugshot from the Georgia case — the only indictment for which he had to give a mugshot — along with a scrolling list of the 91 felonies the former President faces across the four criminal indictments.


The Republican Accountability Project is an anti-Trump organization that believes Trump incited the Jan. 6 Capitol riots and that works to support Republicans in Congress who defy party leadership; unseat those who have tried to overturn a legitimate election or support impunity for political violence; and push back against lies and conspiracy theories regarding widespread voter fraud or “rigged” elections.

The ad buy announcement comes as Trump faces two hearings Monday — in Georgia and Washington, D.C. — that could provide new details on the scope and timing of Trump’s trials.

The Georgia hearing, led by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, will feature ex-Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows’ request to have his state case moved to federal court. It could signal significant arguments ahead in Trump’s and other co-conspirators’ cases in Georgia.

The hearing in the nation’s capital, overseen by Judge Tanya Chutkan, will evaluate potential trial dates in that case.

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