Priorities USA backing challenge to North Carolina signature matching requirements

Priorities USA is supporting the North Carolina Alliance for Retired Americans’ effort to defend against a lawsuit seeking to impose signature matching requirements on absentee ballot and ballot application forms.

The group’s support is part of a $15 million commitment to voting rights litigation and digital advertising focused on eliminating unnecessary barriers to voting and dispelling misinformation and disinformation regarding voter fraud and electoral access. Of that total, $10 million is directed to voting rights litigation, with the remaining $5 million supporting digital ads.

The North Carolina case argues signature matching is an arbitrary and error-prone process that disenfranchises voters. It emphasizes that an individual’s signature may change for a variety of reasons, including age, illness, injury, eyesight and more.

The group’s commitment comes as Republicans continue efforts to limit and threatened voting rights, particularly, as Priorities USA notes, in marginalized communities. That includes people of color, young people, college students, the elderly and voters with disabilities.

The group has worked for nearly a decade to protect voting rights through ad campaigns and litigation.

Priorities USA’s latest investment also includes voter protection and digital advertising efforts in Arizona, Georgia, New Hampshire and Wisconsin.

To date, Priorities USA has supported 30 voting rights cases in 11 states, with more than $50 million in voting rights initiatives since 2015.

“It is evident that extremist Republicans are still doing everything in their power to strip away voting rights and rob Americans of their constitutional right to freely participate in the electoral process. That’s why Priorities has consistently made these deep investments in voting rights programming and litigation, alongside our electoral work, to fight laws that were designed to harm marginalized communities,” Priorities USA Executive Director Aneesa McMillan said.

“Priorities is proud to lead this necessary work and we will continue to fight for the vulnerable communities disproportionately impacted by right-wing voter suppression.”

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