Poll: Ron DeSantis trails Donald Trump by 51 points in Texas

New polling from the Lone Star State shows Ron DeSantis continuing to lose ground to Donald Trump.

The Defend Texas Liberty PAC Texas Statewide 2024 Likely Republican Labor Day Issue Poll shows Trump ahead of the Florida Governor, 61% to 10%, among the 406 likely voters surveyed by CWS Research.

This is by far Trump’s biggest lead over DeSantis in the state. DeSantis was at 13% in July, 19% in June and 23% in May, meaning the Governor has lost more than half his support in the last few months.

DeSantis’ 10% matches the amount of undecided voters, and puts the Governor ahead of the field, including Nikki Haley and Mike Pence, tied for third place with 5% each.

However, even if the field narrows, Texas is Trump’s to lose right now. In a hypothetical two-way matchup with DeSantis, the former President dominates, 62% to 24%. Last month, that lead was 53% to 29%.

DeSantis brought his campaign to Texas earlier this summer, calling attention yet again to undocumented immigrants entering at the Mexican border.

He vowed to use “deadly force” via the U.S. military when asked during a news conference after his campaign event, saying that if some “cartel operatives” got “dropped,” it would change their attitude. He was asked about incursions into Mexico but did not answer that part of the question directly.

The Governor isn’t backing down. During a recent “tele-town hall” with supporters, DeSantis said the American government is “entitled” to take such action.

“Some of the things that we’ve already highlighted as part of our agenda, our border policy, I’m the only one that’s willing to send the military to the border and to use deadly force against the Mexican drug cartels,” DeSantis said. “We’re entitled to do it. They’re killing tens of thousands of our fellow Americans.”

The Race to the White House polling average shows Trump dominating Texas despite the tough talk, ahead of DeSantis 48% to 14%. This poll won’t help that number.

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