Poll: Georgia Governor’s race too close to call

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is leading his Democratic challenger, Stacey Abrams, but the lead is within the Quinnipiac University poll’s margin of error.

Kemp holds a two-point margin over Abrams at 50% to 48%. The results are split almost entirely among party lines, with 98% of Republicans backing Kemp and 97% of Democrats backing Abrams.

Independents are nearly split, with half backing Abrams and 48% supporting Kemp.

Among those polled, 94% of likely voters who selected a preferred candidate said their minds are already made up about their vote. Only 5% of respondents said they may change their minds before the November election.

Kemp does have an edge in favorability, however. A full 50% of polled voters indicated a favorable opinion of Kemp, while 43% have an unfavorable opinion. Sentiment for Abrams, however, is split, with 47% indicating a favorable opinion and 46% an unfavorable one.

Meanwhile, the incumbent U.S. Senator from Georgia, Raphael Warnock, leads Republican challenger Herschel Walker 52%-46%, according to the poll.

Warnock has a stronger edge among his own party voters, with 97% of Democrats backing him, than Walker, who garners just 91% support among fellow Republicans. Likewise, Warnock is leading among independent voters 55%-41%.

Walker is also upside down in his favorability ratings, with only 40% of likely voters indicating positive perceptions and 51% indicating an unfavorable opinion.

The poll results come as Warnock and Walker prepare for their first debate on Oct. 14, which will likely be the only debate after weeks of back-and-forth about when, or if, to have one.

The poll also queried voters on issues that most affect them. Inflation topped the list of most urgent issues, at 41%. That was followed by abortion, election laws and gun violence, each at 12%.

But among Republicans, inflation far outpaces any other election year concern, with 73% noting that as their top issue. Democrats were more split, with 23% listing abortion as the most urgent issue, followed by election laws and racial inequality at 17% each. Another 14% indicated gun violence as the top issue and 12% said health care was their top concern.

Specifically on the abortion question, 81% of likely voters indicated it was either very important or somewhat important that a political candidate share their views. Only 17 % said it was either not very important or not important at all.

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