Poll: Donald Trump leads Ron DeSantis by 39 points in Kentucky

New polling suggests Florida’s Governor isn’t getting lucky in Kentucky.

A survey released by WJHL-TV of Johnson City, Tennessee, and Emerson College Polling shows former President Donald Trump nearly tripling the total of Ron DeSantis among Republicans in the Bluegrass State.

Trump is the choice of 62% of respondents, with DeSantis pulling 23% support, good for a distant second place. Meanwhile, 5% of voters want someone else, while 4% pick former United Nations envoy Nikki Haley and former Vice President Mike Pence.

Trump leads with Kentucky Republicans of all ages, with respondents between 18-49 backing Trump over DeSantis, 55% to 27%. Among the over-50 crowd, Trump’s lead stretches to 66% to 20%.

According to a polling memo quoted by the Tri-cities TV station’s report, Trump leads by double digits with all Kentucky cohorts.

“Trump holds a base among those with a high school degree or less, 86% of whom plan to vote for him in 2024, and those with vocational or technical school degrees at 72%,” said Spencer Kimball, executive director of Emerson College Polling.

“DeSantis makes up ground among voters with a college degree, trailing Trump by 10 points, 33% to 43%. Trump leads by a larger 25-point margin among those with a postgraduate degree, 50% to 25%.”

The poll was in the field April 10 and 11, a week after Trump’s arrest on a 34-count federal indictment. Nearly half of respondents (48%) said Trump’s legal troubles made it more likely they would support the former President in the GOP Primary.

Trump’s huge lead comes despite DeSantis scoring an endorsement from a conservative Kentucky Congressman this month.

U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky is endorsing DeSantis, calling the Governor a “leader who is decisive, respects the Constitution, understands policy, puts family first, and leads by inspiring” and who has proven to “fight for economic freedom, personal liberty, fiscal responsibility and constitutionally limited government.”

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