NRSC ad says Raphael Warnock ‘missed the bus’

A new National Republican Senatorial Committee ad says Democratic U.S. Sen. Raphael Warnock may “mean well,” but he’s not working out for Georgia.

The ad, titled “Missed The Bus,” borrows a theme from one of Warnock’s ads, which featured his “Clean Commute for Kids Act,” which aims to transition American school buses to zero-emission vehicles to protect children’s health.

He said the legislation supported “thousands” of jobs in Georgia, including positions at Blue Bird Corporation’s electric school bus factory in the Peach State.

Since Warnock’s ad debuted, that factory has announced layoffs. NRSC’s ad uses that as a pressure point, claiming that while Warnock’s heart may be in the right place, he’s falling short on results.

The ad narrator states, “Raphael Warnock means well, but it’s not really working. Like when he bragged about creating jobs here with electric buses, but then workers there got slammed with layoffs. He didn’t see it coming. Like Warnock didn’t see huge price hikes coming when he backed Joe Biden’s reckless spending experts say is fueling high inflation. Warnock votes with Biden 96% of the time. That’s not good for Georgia families.”

In a news release, NRSC spokesperson T.W. Arrighi added, “Raphael Warnock is not a bad guy, but his voting record has hurt Georgia. Even his television ads are reminders of the economic failures of the Warnock/Biden Agenda. It’s time for a Senator whose work in Washington actually helps Georgia.”

The NRSC is the central GOP-affiliated committee supporting Republican U.S. Senate candidates. In 2022, the committee supports Republican nominee Herschel Walker’s bid to oust Warnock.

Warnock, who was elected to a partial term in 2020, is leading Walker in the race, according to recent polls. Whoever wins the contest in November will serve a full six-year term in the U.S. Senate.

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