New video shows ‘fake elector’ was in Georgia elections office during breach

New surveillance video shows a team working for former President Donald Trump obtained access to voting equipment in Georgia on Jan. 7, 2021.

The video shows that a data forensics team copied data from voting machines in the Coffee County, Ga., elections office. The team, contracted by Trump’s lawyers, accessed poll pads with voter data. The county’s voting systems are known to have been breached that day.

It also shows former Georgia Republican Party official Cathy Latham spent several hours in the office, part of it in a restricted area closed off to non-staff, which contradicts her sworn testimony delivered last month that she was not “personally involved” in the breach.

In her testimony, Lantham said she stopped by the office but did not go inside.

The video shows she visited the office two times on Jan. 7, spending four hours in total in the office. During that time she met one of the contractors, Scott Hall, and introduced him to experts and local elections officials, The Washington Post reports.

Latham is under criminal investigation for posing as a fake elector in 2020. She and other “fake electors” signed unauthorized certificates attempting to overturn Georgia’s result in the Presidential Election.

As reported by CNN, the company employing the contractors, SullivanStrickler, said that Lantham was their “primary point of contact” in setting up the visit to the Coffee County elections office. The firm said it had no reason to suspect it was being asked to “do anything either improper or illegal.”

SullivanStrickler was hired by Trump adviser Sidney Powell, purportedly as part of the former President’s quest to “find votes” that would grant him the win in Georgia.

The video also shows officials from the office of Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger were present, though an office spokesperson told The New York Times he had “no idea” why they were there.

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