New poll shows North Carolina Republicans prefer Ron DeSantis to Donald Trump

Another statewide poll, this one from North Carolina, shows Ron DeSantis ahead of Donald Trump with Republican voters in a still-hypothetical 2024 contest.

A survey of 500 likely voters conducted this month for Axios by Differentiators Data shows the Florida Governor ahead of the former President, if the two were the sole candidates in the Primary.

DeSantis was the choice of 56% of those polled, with 35% choosing Trump, when “leaners” were factored into the survey. Among those who say they are certain to vote, the spread is even bigger: 54% for DeSantis, against just 30% for Trump.

It’s possible that some of the gravitation to DeSantis is due to Republicans in the state tiring of Trump. Asked if they wanted Trump or “someone else” as the nominee, 52% wanted the other option. But what was clear, at least in this poll, is that DeSantis is more popular than Trump. While Trump had a net favorable number of just 41 points, indicating that he is a divisive figure even with Republican voters, DeSantis’ number was at plus-71.

This survey result is the latest evidence of a DeSantis surge in the Tar Heel State. Several polls conducted earlier in 2022 showed DeSantis in second place to the former President. Those surveys considered other candidates also, a complication not considered in the current poll.

In the weeks since Election Day, other single state polls have gone DeSantis’ way also.

A November survey from the Deseret News/Hinckley Institute of Politics showed that of Republicans who intended to vote in the 2024 Primary (75% of the 802 total polled), 29% would vote for DeSantis, 19% for Trump, and 12% for former U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming.

The Posterity PAC released Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada polling showing DeSantis up double digits in all three states, with the Governor up 28 points over Trump in New Hampshire.

Pennsylvania Republicans prefer DeSantis to Trump, according to a poll conducted by Commonwealth Partners between Nov. 19 and Nov. 21. That survey showed DeSantis commanding 45% support, 5 percentage points ahead of Trump at 40%.

The same holds true in Texas, where a poll conducted by the state GOP and CWS Research shows DeSantis ahead of Trump. In a field including Trump and a number of other candidates, DeSantis holds a double-digit edge, with 43% support being good for an 11-point lead.

A pre-election Georgia poll pitting Trump against DeSantis shows the Florida Governor ahead 52% to 36%. Echelon Insights conducted that poll between Oct. 31 and Nov.  2, and the results comport with other Georgia polling this cycle showing DeSantis getting support in the Peach State over Trump.

Polling from Club for Growth tells a similar story: In Florida, DeSantis led Trump 56% to 30%. Georgia Republicans favored DeSantis, 55% to 35%. These surveys accord with polling from Florida and Georgia before the election showing Trump losing his grip on the GOP.

These trends held in early states also. In New Hampshire, DeSantis also had majority support, up over Trump 52% to 37%. And in Iowa, where the caucus system prevails, DeSantis was up 48% to 37%.

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