New Herschel Walker ad leans on Brian Kemp support

Herschel Walker’s U.S. Senate campaign is out with a new ad showcasing Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp urging voters to turnout in the Dec. 6 runoff between Walker and incumbent U.S. Sen. Raphael Warnock.

Kemp’s support in the overtime race may be crucial for Walker’s chances in the race. Walker not only trailed Warnock by about 36,000 votes in the November General Election, but he received about 200,000 fewer votes than Kemp, despite both being Republicans.

“I’ve never been more optimistic about the future of our state,” footage of Kemp from a Walker rally shows him saying in the ad. “But look, we cannot rest on our laurels everyone. You’re going to decide who our Senator is.”

He then goes on to remind voters that this “will be a turnout election,” a seemingly subtle nod to worries that without Kemp on the ballot, would-be Walker supporters might not show up. 

“Who’s it going to be, them or us,” Kemp adds, a move meant to inspire voters by putting them in charge of winning. 

Kemp said “it’s time to retire Raphael Warnock,” before footage shows him embracing Walker at the rally. 

Kemp easily defeated his Democratic challenger for Governor in November, Stacey Abrams, while Walker received fewer votes than Warnock. With Kemp’s help, Walker’s campaign may be able to get some otherwise unmotivated conservative voters to cast a ballot. 

Walker is facing a tough campaign, marred by negative headlines regarding allegations from two ex-girlfriends that he paid for their abortions. Both accusers have offered evidence to support their allegations, but Walker denies their claims and insists he did not pay for them to terminate pregnancies. Walker opposes abortion. He’s also faced backlash over false, misleading or exaggerated comments and Warnock’s campaign has sought to paint the former NFL star as unqualified to serve. 

Early voting is already underway in Georgia and runs through Friday before Tuesday’s Election. 

Democrats have already secured a majority in the Senate, with a 50/50 split that has Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris serving as the tie-breaking vote. If Warnock wins re-election, Democrats will grow their majority to 51/49, and eliminate the need for a power-sharing agreement with Republicans. 


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