New Joe Biden campaign ad slams Donald Trump’s ‘racist’ Black jobs comment

The Biden-Harris campaign is out with a new radio ad using Donald Trump’s assertion at last week’s presidential debate that immigrants are not only displacing American workers, but taking “Black jobs.” He didn’t explain what occupations he meant. 

The campaign to re-elect President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris latched onto Trump’s words, labeling them racist and flinging them back at the former President in a new radio ad that will begin blanketing swing state airwaves later this week.

The 60-second radio spot titled “Not for Us” portrays a conversation between two men asking, “what is a ‘Black job?’”

“Come on, bro. You know exactly what Trump meant,” one of two men says. The other posits high-paying, white collar occupations like doctors, lawyers and entrepreneurs, to which the other man says Trump is “probably not” referring to those as Black jobs. 

“Presidents? Vice Presidents?” the first man asks.

“Oh, that’s funny,” the other answers. 

They go on to say that the jobs they currently hold, sarcastically calling them “Black jobs,” are paying better under Biden and their retirement accounts are healthier than under Trump’s administration. 

“Speaking of Black jobs, I’ve got a Black job for you: Making sure the guy that said that, Trump, … never becomes President again,” he says. 

The ad buy is part of the Biden campaign plan to carpet bomb perceived battleground states with its message between now and November. The ad will air starting Friday in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Michigan and during nationally syndicated radio programs, the Biden campaign said.

“Donald Trump thinks so little of Black people that he can’t help but to keep saying the quiet part out loud: He thinks only certain jobs are ‘Black jobs,’” said Biden campaign Co-Chair, former Congressman Cedric Richmond. “It’s why he launched his real estate career getting sued for not renting to Black people and launched his political career attacking Barack Obama, the first Black President. It’s why he attacked and insulted Congressmen John Lewis and Elijah Cummings, civil rights heroes. In his mind, leading this country is not a ‘Black job.’ To him, my job as a United States congressman or senior advisor to the President of the United States is not a ‘Black job.’”

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