National Democrats invest $10M to back anti-MAGA state Legislature candidates

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) has launched a $10 million effort to boost state legislative candidates that could prevent Donald Trump-aligned Republican takeovers of state Legislatures or dismantle right-wing majorities in states like North Carolina.

DLCC’s “Summer of the States” campaign highlights races where Democrat candidates are challenged by so-called “Make America Great Again” Republicans in order to “prevent a MAGA takeover of state legislatures.

The group is targeting legislative races in 29 states, including 14 North Carolina House and Senate races and contests in South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Florida.

“Donald Trump’s MAGA agenda is being enacted in the states, and GOP donors are pouring millions of dollars into state and local-level races to boost the chances of a Trump victory and put in place an army of MAGA allies in state legislatures,” the DLCC said in a prepared statement. “If they succeed in building this base of power, it will be catastrophic for our democracy and our fundamental rights.”

While considered a battleground state in the races for President and Governor, in North Carolina’s case, Republicans already have an iron grip on legislative power, with veto-proof supermajorities in both the House and Senate.

Several Democrat candidates are aiming to flip their districts and contribute to ending Republican one-party rule in the Legislature.

Among them are Nicole Sidman, running for the state House seat held by Republican state Rep. Tricia Cotham, a former Democrat who gained national attention by switching parties last year. The move allowed Republicans to pass legislation restricting abortion access and “spurred Nicole into action,” she said on the DLCC website.

“She’s committed to fighting every right-wing effort to erode freedom by defending public education, access to the polls, and the right to choose” and “will work to keep guns out of the hands of convicted domestic abusers,” her  profile on the DLCC site says.

David Hill, a pediatrician from Wilmington, also wants to flip the Senate seat held by state Sen. Mike Lee, who cast the deciding vote to limit reproductive rights in the state.

Hill said he wants to combat “widespread harm Republican mismanagement in Raleigh has done to North Carolina families and “break the Republican supermajority, and start passing policies that invest in working families.”

DLCC is supporting several candidates hoping to flip state house seats, as well as several incumbents running to hold their seats. A full list of targeted candidates in North Carolina and other battleground states is available here.

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