Joe Biden campaign spotlights Texas woman’s near-fatal miscarriage in national ad buy blaming Donald Trump

President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign released an ad spotlighting the near-death of a Texas woman denied care for a miscarriage. It’s the latest attack on former President Donald Trump for installing Supreme Court justices who overturned Roe v. Wade.

The advertisement, entitles “Willow’s Box,” shows Amanda Zurawski, a 37-year-old Austin woman, going through a box of baby items for her daughter Willow. The baby was stillborn after Zurawski went into premature labor at 18 weeks gestation. She was told the baby would not survive, but doctors refused to intervene with an abortion because Zurawski wasn’t in enough medical danger to warrant the procedure under Texas’ restrictive law, which critics say is overly vague.

Zurawski in the ad breaks down into tears when she holds items used briefly after the miscarriage.

“This is the blanket that she was in, and these are her little footprints,” Zurawski says through tears as her husband comforts her.

But then the ad goes on to describe how Texas’ complete abortion ban led doctors to turn Zurawski away from treatment. Three days later, she ended up in an intensive care unit being treated for sepsis. She nearly died twice, viewers learn through on-screen captions.

Zurawski may never be able to get pregnant again because treatment was delayed.

“Donald Trump did this,” the minute-long ad ends, before running a standard campaign disclosure.

“No woman should be forced into the situation Amanda was – being denied medical care and almost dying because of Texas’ abortion ban,” said Biden-Harris Campaign Manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez. “But that is the reality in the United States of America today made possible only because of Donald Trump – a nightmare that he brags about.”

Zurawski also plans to campaign in swing states, relating the story of how the restrictive ban nearly cost her life, even in the wake of ending a wanted pregnancy.

“People don’t get how bad it is, and they don’t get how bleak it is,” Zurawski previously told The Associated Press.

The ad is part of a $30-million campaign, and will air in battleground states on broadcast and cable television and on digital platforms. The campaign also intends national ad buys to air on ESPN, TNT, FX, Adult Swim and Comedy Central and during prime programming like Grey’s Anatomy, Abbot Elementary, SNL, The Voice and American Idol.

The campaign announced the ad the same day Trump, the 2024 presumptive GOP nominee, announced he would not endorse a national abortion ban and instead leave abortion regulation entirely to states.

“Trump made clear today he endorses the cruel, extreme abortion bans in Texas that nearly took Amanda’s life,” Chavez Rodriguez said. “And we know that if Trump is elected, the life-or-death situation Amanda faced in Texas could be the reality of women across America.”


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