Joe Biden campaign launches pro-middle class ad in Atlanta

The Joe Biden campaign has released a new ad in the Atlanta market spotlighting the President’s life-long roots in Scranton, Pennsylvania and touching on the plight facing millions of Americans right now — soaring costs of living.

A gruff-voiced narrator begins in the one-minute ad, “Never Left,” with an appeal to average voters.

“He grew up a middle-class kid in a middle class town. And while Joe Biden’s traveled far and wide, Scranton, Pennsylvania has never left him,” the narrator begins over images of a young Biden. “He knows what life is like for working people and knows middle class life is too expensive right now.”

The message is meant to resonate with Americans facing skyrocketing housing prices and inflation. And it offers Biden as a solution.

“That’s why he’s passing laws to lower costs, capping insulin at $35 a month for seniors, giving Medicare the power to negotiate with drug companies for lower prices, lowering health insurance premiums for millions, and investing in American-made clean energy to lower power costs for families,” the ad continues.

“For Joe Biden, it’s about restoring the sense of security working people deserve. That simple promise. That peace of mind. He’s determined to get it back because of where he’s from and who he is.”

The latest Biden ad is part of a $25 million paid media campaign for the President’s re-election. The campaign will focus on Biden’s cost-saving measures within his agenda.

The ad will run on national cable news programming and on local evening news in battleground states. It will target programming that reaches a General Election audience, airing on Dancing With the Stars, Bachelor in Paradise, top-ranking NFL programming and high-rated local and network news programs.

The $25 million campaign will run 16 weeks in battleground states, including investment in Hispanic and African American media, which the Biden campaign claims is the largest and earliest investment into such demographics for a re-election campaign ever.

“While MAGA Republicans pretend they’re fighting for America’s middle class, President Biden and Vice President (Kamala) Harris are actually delivering,” said Julie Chavez Rodriguez, Biden-Harris 2024 Campaign Manager.

“Whether it’s taking on Big Pharma to cut prescription drug costs, lowering health care premiums for millions of Americans, or reducing energy bills for American families, fighting for the middle class isn’t an empty campaign promise for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris — it’s their political DNA.

The Biden campaign has already been targeting former President Donald Trump, though not always directly, even as Trump has not yet secured the GOP nomination for President.

Trump, despite numerous legal challenges — he faces four indictments as well as civil suits — is the current fronttrunner for the Republican nomination.

“This ad serves as an early reminder of the choice Americans will face next year: between MAGA Republicans whose agenda would give tax handouts to the ultra-rich at the expense of working people, or Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ agenda for the middle class,” Rodriguez said.


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