Jail where Donald Trump will be booked in Georgia has long been plagued with violence

Former President Donald Trump is expected to surrender on Thursday at the jail in Georgia’s most populous county — an overcrowded facility with a reputation for violence and neglect that has prompted a federal investigation into conditions there.

Trump will be released from Fulton County Jail in Atlanta, known colloquially as the Rice Street jail, once he is booked on charges of illegally scheming to overturn his 2020 election loss in Georgia.

Not all criminal defendants are handled that way. Others have spent months, or even years, there before they were indicted.

Here’s a look at the jail and what Trump might experience when he turns himself in:

What might Trump’s booking look like?

When defendants arrive at the building, they typically pass through a security checkpoint before checking in for formal booking in the lobby.

They are taken into a large, open room that has stations for fingerprinting, mugshots, and medical evaluations, said attorney Michael Harper, who toured the jail several years ago and has filed several lawsuits over inmate deaths that occurred there.

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