Incumbent Republicans keep Arkansas’ 4 congressional seats

Republicans kept control of Arkansas’ four congressional seats Tuesday after a mostly quiet runup to Election Day in those races in the solidly red state.

The state’s GOP-dominated Legislature made keeping the congressional delegation totally Republican easier as it redrew district maps following the 2020 census. Heavily Democratic Pulaski County — the states most populous, and home to Little Rock — was divided into three separate congressional districts, prompting a lawsuit claiming the new maps dilute the power of Black voters.

In October, a panel of three federal judges dismissed a portion of the lawsuit, but gave the plaintiffs 30 days to file a new complaint with their remaining claims that the map violates the U.S. Constitution and the federal Voting Rights Act.

Incumbent Rep. French Hill won reelection in the 2nd Congressional District — which fully included Little Rock before the redistricting — defeating Democrat Quintessa Hathaway and Libertarian Michael White.

Rep. Steve Womack was reelected in the 3rd District over Democrat Lauren Mallett-Hays and Libertarian Michael Kalagias.

In the 1st District, Rep. Rick Crawford defeated Democrat Monte Hodges, and in the 4th District Rep. Bruce Westerman won over Democrat John White and Libertarian Gregory Maxwell.

Hill, Womack, Crawford and Westerman each far outpaced their Democratic opponents and other challengers in fundraising.

Former President Donald Trump remains popular in Arkansas, and on Tuesday his former Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, was elected the state’s next Governor.

During a recent debate, Crawford was asked about his vote against certifying the Electoral College results of President Joe Biden’s victory. He was the lone Arkansas congressman to vote against certification.

But Crawford didn’t claim loyalty to Trump. Instead, he said, he objected because he believes election laws were unconstitutionally altered in the swing states of Arizona and Pennsylvania.

“I never said the election was stolen,” said Crawford. “No other conspiracy theories or fraud theories were present.”


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