Brian Kemp calls Stacey Abrams ‘Celebrity Stacey’ in latest ad push

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp is painting his Democratic challenger Stacey Abrams as “Celebrity Stacey” in a new ad ahead of the November General Election.

The 30-second spot entitled “Next Act” from the Georgians First Leadership Committee shows footage from media appearances Abrams has done including with Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah and Oprah Winfrey, as well as cameos on the covers of several magazines.

“Talk shows, magazine covers, television cameos. Stacey Abrams wants to leave Georgia behind,” the ad begins.

A male announcer then pivots to Abrams’ “next act” with footage from the Oprah Winfrey show in which Oprah asks her if she sees herself running for President.

“Oh, absolutely,” Abrams is seen saying in the clip.

Oprah has previously campaigned for Abrams.

“Abrams is bankrolled by liberal elites. In return, she’s pushed their agenda on Georgia: lockdowns, school closings, tax hikes, releasing criminals and defunding police,” the ad continues.

It ends with the slogan “Celebrity Stacey,” and a warning that she is “a perfect Governor for liberal elites, just not hard-working Georgians.

The anti-Abrams ad appears to pull from former Vice President John McCain’s 2008 playbook when he attacked then-candidate Barack Obama in the year’s presidential campaign as “the biggest celebrity in the world.” That ad similarly offered words of caution, asking whether that celebrity made the former President “ready to lead.”

The ad, at the time, was seen as a tipping point in the 2008 presidential election as “drawing first blood” on negative campaigning, according to a CBS report on the advertisement.

Kemp and Abrams are locked in a close race for the state’s top elected post in a nationally watched contest that could be a bellwether for races nationwide in the Midterm Election. Kemp so far has the edge, leading Abrams 51% to 44% in a recent Data for Progress poll.

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