Alabama bill seeks to resist Joe Biden actions on gun violence

Alabama lawmakers on Thursday approved legislation aimed at resisting a half-dozen executive actions by Democratic President Joe Biden to combat gun violence.

The Alabama House of Representatives voted 68-28 for legislation that now goes to Gov. Kay Ivey for her consideration. The vote broke largely along party lines with Republicans supporting the measure and Democrats opposed.

The measure is part of red-state efforts to take up both tangible and symbolic resistance to federal gun control measures. The approval came over the objections of Democrats who derided the measure as unconstitutional and election-year pandering.

The legislation seeks to prohibit state and local officials from participating in the administration or enforcement of “any executive order issued by the President of the United States which limits or restricts the ownership, use, or possession of firearms, ammunition, or firearm accessories by law-abiding residents of the state.”

The original version targeted only executive orders issued by Biden, but it was changed to encompass any President.

The President has limited ability to enact gun control measures without congressional approval. Biden last year issued an order that included moves to crack down on “ghost guns,” homemade firearms that lack serial numbers used to trace them and are often purchased without a background check and to tighten regulations on pistol-stabilizing braces.

Republished with permission of The Associated Press.

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